Maki 5* Gelateria, Fano – Best Gelato in Italy?

As promised in my last post, I said I would tell you all a bit more about THE MOST AMAZING GELATO.


Theo and I, and his family, took a day trip to a town called Fano, in Umbria. We were going to the beach! However, before leaving, we read online that it was home to a 5 star gelateria – so naturally we had to go. It was Maki Gelateria Artigianale.

From the outside I’ll admit it’s nothing special, though it is on a pretty piazza. But as soon as you go inside…it’s amazing.

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There are so many flavours – some of them REALLY unusual…Beer flavoured ice cream, anyone?

It was delicious. I had 3 scoops, all slightly unusual, yet they all seemed to go so well together. Plus the flavours were so natural – none of the artificial stuff we had tried elsewhere.

I tried beer flavour, something which I think translates to superchocolate (basically like double chocolate x triple chocolate x chocolate explosion) and the last was yoghurt.

I honestly can’t wait to return to Italy just to go back there – Bring on 2017!


Stay tuned for my next post on the wild mountain ponies!


Have you been to Italy and tried some amazing gelato? Where were you and what were the flavours?

Let me know in the comments!