Travel Blog: I’m going to Italy!

Want to hear all about my next trip? Well search no further…


It’s official guys, I’m going on another trip!

For the second time in just over a year Theo and I are adventuring back to Italy! We leave on the 20th and come back on the 29th (just in time for our friend’s Halloween themed engagement party!).

It’s going to be amazing, and fingers crossed…the perfect temperature for me. (As much as I love it… my Scottish blood can’t handle the heat).

To celebrate… I’ve included a photo from my last trip to show you what there is to look forward to. This is a photo I took at sunset sailing from Ancona to Durress.

Have you ever been to Italy? Do you want to go? (I bet you do!). Want to read a little more about what it’s like there? I suggest this for anyone who wants to visit Italy, and wants to find out more!

So I will be posting about this (with lots of photos of course!) probably at the start of next month.

However there is so much more to look forward to before then…

Edinburgh Oktoberfest is tomorrow, so I will definitely be posting about that ASAP (I’M SO EXCITED – can you tell??).

Have you been to Oktoberfest? If so, where? Let me know in the comments!

Travel Blog: My Heading Photo explained


This is my personal favourite of photographs I have taken. This was the first real foreign holiday of my adult life, and the exact spot it was taken from was my favourite place.

This was a little town on the Albanian coast, called Ksamil (or Kas-mal depending who you ask….but that’s another story). After a long, warm and eventful journey down the entire coastline of a country where the native language was one of the most difficult to pick up (even the basics) I have encountered, and people fluent in English were rare as unicorns, we arrived in the beautiful, sunny piece of heaven.

And despite not knowing anything about the place, we managed to find the best beach as soon as we arrived! The man who ran our first hotel there advised a different beach, but ours was better. It was large, and mostly empty, and right behind us was an amazing beach bar – playing a Lost Frequencies song which was the only one I recognised the entire time we were there.

And the people at the bar were fab too! After some conversational difficulty I managed to get myself a cocktail (or as they called it Vodka Redbull, though there was many more ingredients) – I didn’t know it as the time but a man was sent shopping for a bottle of Absolut just for me!

But I diverge…

Back to the beach it was clear and blue, we took out a pedalo once, and Theo had a shot on something which I can best describe as an inflatable bicycle… (and I can only describe his attempt as floundering).

This was also very close to the scene of my ‘animal attack’… Which I will come back to it a later post.

Have you ever been to Albania, or found a similarly perfect place on your travels? Let me know in the comments!