My Top Three Travel Destinations (So Far)


Tonight I’m going to give you all a slightly different post. This one isn’t about something (in particular) I have done very recently, but is instead a bit of information about the three places I visited so far which I have loved the most. These are my top 3 travel destinations.

You ready?


  1. Italy

So number one is of course Italy – but you already knew that since I’m constantly raving about the place. (Apart from Brindisi, which is to be avoided at all costs!). I’ve mostly been in Tuscany and Umbria so far, and spent a lot of time in the country and near the coast. I have however saw bits of some cities, mostly while travelling through, and I think Ancona is my favourite so far. I’m not sure what I love most… The food, the drink, the people, the weather, the buildings… I think it’s a combination. What I know for sure is that I’ll be back there next Summer for sure. Read more about my latest trip to Italy here.




2.  Albania

Albania is a crazy place. It’s like Italy, but a third of the price to live in and next to no one speaks English – which combined with it’s really tricky language definitely makes things interesting! I love love love the coast of this country, and travelled all the way down it (and then back up because I didn’t want to leave!). My favourite place was Ksamil, but I also loved Dhermi…plus Himare’s pirate-themed bar is really, really cool (seriously). Plus it’s really easy to get to from Italy by ferry, meaning you can kill both metaphorical birds with the same plane ticket!



3. Cuba


My third is a reminiscence back to my childhood, and the best 12th birthday I could have possibly had! It was coincidence my parents chose that week to go on holiday (it wasn’t for me) – but I am an only child, and not to brag…but there were dolphins.

Also it’s a really cool country – and beautiful. The people are so kind, and very, very skilled at making handcrafted items. Also the beaches are some of the most beautiful I have seen. I still have a beautiful huge shell a diver gave me on the beach when I was about 4 or 5 (the first time I went). Other keepsakes include a handcrafted wooden domino set, and a Cuba Magic Box (Google it, they’re so cool).

I also really need to dig out my old camera and get some photos of that trip on here!



I definitely want to visit all 3 of these places again in the not-too-distant (please) future. As well as this I want to go back to Mexico, and see more than just Cancun this time (though Cancun is not to be sniffed at!!).


What have been you favourite travel destinations so far?? Do you have any plans to go back? Please let me know in the comments!

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